Bruno Jordão and Pedro Neto sign for Wolves

Wolverhampton Wanderers yesterday announced the double-signing of Portuguese duo Bruno Jordão and Pedro Neto! I was recently asked to answer a few, short questions on both players for an Italian based Lazio publication. I have transcriped the interview below to give any Wolves fans a quick idea of their new signings!

1.   What are your initial thoughts about the players? What kind of player are they?

Pedro Neto – He is a fantastic young player with a ton of ability, he usually occupies the right-wing position, cutting inside on his favoured left foot to either lay a pass off or unleash a shot. He is also very comfortable on his right foot also and if shown on his right by the opposing full-back he is more than capable of using his quick turn of pace to beat his man 1 v 1 and producing a quality cross with his weak foot.

At just 5 foot 6 ½ (1.72m), he possesses a real low centre of gravity which when teamed with his quick footwork, helps him to evade the opposition.

Bruno Jordão – Jordão is a technically gifted central-midfielder who likes to occupy the right-hand side of central midfield. He is very versatile, capable of playing deeper in midfield and acting as a defensive midfielder and has infrequently appeared as an attacking midfielder. His reaonsable versatility shows his tactical disclipline at such a young age. He doesn’t score many goals but this will be an area of his game he will be working on. His short passing game is very, very good and he demonstrates excellent awareness and movement, something that is key for a central midfielder.

Jordão and Neto arriving at Lazio from SC Braga

2.   Who do they remind you of? Doesn’t have to be Portuguese footballer, just a player who was played in the past 20-30 years or so?

Pedro Neto – Comparisons to Bernardo Silva make sense, they are about the same height, both left-footed and both predominately occupy the right-wing position. He moves his body in a similar way to Bernardo but is more direct. Where Bernardo is more of a creative midfielder who plays out wide, Neto is a winger in the more traditional sense, he can go to the byline but also loves to come infield. He doesn’t possess the same defensive hunger as Bernardo and is a little more attack-minded but on the whole, they are similar players.

Bruno Jordão – He doesn’t encapsulate just one player but has elements of many. For instance, the way he moves the ball around elegantly with a great range of passing is similar to somebody like Isco, but he has the same versatility, industry and box-to-box feel as say a, Lucas Leiva. He possesses a similar tenacity to get up and down the pitch and contribute to both the winning of the ball as well as the moving of the ball further upfield to create an attack.

Aaron Barton – Creator and writer for Próxima Jornada

(Interview excerpt)

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