Portugal donate 50% of Euro 2020 prize to support amateur football

The Federação Portuguesa do Futebol (FPF) yesterday announced that the national team’s players, the technical team and the staff have decided to give half of the qualification prize for Euro 2020 to the fund created to assist amateur football.

The ‘fundo de Apoio às Competições’ has been created by the FPF and will support non-professional clubs during this time of crisis with finances and assistance.

€4.7 million will be distributed amongst the District Associations and non-professional clubs in order to support players, staff and the clubs themselves until the end of the 2019/20 season.

The money will reinforce the Competition Support Fund created by the FPF and which provides for the distribution of 4.7 million euros to District Associations and non-professional football clubs, so that players and coaches can be supported until the end of the 2019/20 season.

The national team issued a message of the FPF website:

“If we strongly believe that solidarity is practiced and not shown, we also considered it important to give a public signal that the players of the National Team have in their thoughts all those who, being part of the football family, felt a greater impact of the pandemic COVID- 19 in their personal and family lives. In this spirit of togetherness between professional and non-professional football, we have decided, as a team, to give up part of our qualifying prize for Euro 2020. We have also decided, because we have not forgotten our own paths and all those who have generously helped us to succeed in our careers, that these values will be added to the support fund already created by the FPF aimed mainly at players from clubs in non-professional competitions.

We are together. We are all Portugal.”

This is a fantastic gesture from the FPF and will ensure that the pulse of amateur football continues to beat, it is also inspiring to see that those at the top of the game have not forgotten where they come from and in a time of such worldwide panic and worry, it is great to see something positive happen.

Stay home, stay safe.

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