From Liverpool to Jamor: My Charity Walk

Hi there!

As you may know, Próxima Jornada is ran solely by me (Aaron) and I am writing today not to analyse a team or to provide insight, but to ask a small favour.

I have decided to raise funds for both the UK’s NHS and the Portuguese NHS (Serviço Nacional de Saúde) to support them during these testing times. The reason I have chosen these two health services in particular is because as a British citizen, I, as well as millions of others rely on them when needed. The Portuguese Serviço Nacional de Saúde is the other that I will be donating to. As a writer concerning matters related to Portuguese football, roughly 40% of Próxima Jornada’s following and online readership come from Portuguese citizens or those with Portuguese heritage (that’s about 4 and a half thousand people.), I felt that if those followers and readers knew that 50% of their donation was going towards their local health service, it would mean more to them.

Later this year, I was supposed to travel to Portugal to live and work for a few months, working on projects related to my work as a Portuguese football writer. I would have been able to visit clubs and their stadiums but as a result of Corona Virus, I am now unable to do so. One of the stadiums I wanted to visit, perhaps the most, is the Estádio Nacional, Portugal’s national stadium which is situated in Jamor, right at the bottom of Portugal, near Lisbon.

The distance between my home in Liverpool, England and the Estádio Nacional is 1,704 kilometres apart (flying route). My aim is to travel the equivalent distance to the stadium, clocking up 1,704 kilometres via running, cycling and walking, before the end of 2020. At the time of writing this there are 248 days of 2020 left. It will be tough and will require persistence however I am determined to do it!

Any donations would be greatly appreciated.

You can donate at

Follow @ProximaJornada1 or visit for updates!

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