Ronaldo becomes first Juventus player to hit 25 Serie A goals for 60 years

Last night Cristiano Ronaldo thumped home a magnificent free-kick against Torino, his first free-kick goal for Juventus, and in the process became the first Juventus player to hit 25 Serie A goals in a single campaign since Omar Sívori in the 1960/61 season. 

Juventus have had some top-class forwards that have come close to matching Sívori’s 25 goals in recent years however none had managed to reach it until Cristiano yesterday. Here are some of the players and their best single Serie A goalscoring seasons that Ronaldo has now surpassed:

Paulo Dybala – 22 goals (2017/18)

Gonzalo Higuain – 24 goals (2016/17)

Carlos Tevez – 20 goals (2014-15)

Alessandro Del Piero – 21 goals (2007-08)

David Trézéguet – 24 goals (2001-02)

Roberto Baggio – 21 goals (1992-93)

Michel Platini – 20 goals (1983-84)

Cristiano will be delighted to match the 60-year-old record. However, there still remains a record he has yet to conquer and it’s a record that will be firmly in his sights. The record tally for most goals by a Juventus player in a Serie A season dates back to the 1933-34 season when Felice Borel hit 32 goals. 

Credit: Juventus FC

Cristiano currently has 25 goals with eight Serie A games remaining, meaning he would have to score eight goals in eight games to reach 32 goals and smash the record, or score seven goals in eight matches to match Borel.

It’ll be a tough ask for the Madeira born man but the fact he’s matched a 60-year-old record and that it also remains a possibility that he could set the record for the most goals in a single campaign for Juventus, at 35-years-old, epitomises his brilliance.

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