Os Arquivos – The Euros Countdown

Seven tournaments. Seven special episodes.

We are less than a month away from UEFA Euro 2020! Portugal head into the tournament as defending champions (Obrigado Éder) and will be looking to once again go all the way.

At Próxima Jornada, we were thinking of ways to bring new, fresh content surrounding the European Championships that is solely focused on A Seleção, and then the idea came. Os Arquivos, or The Archives, is the name for our brand new podcast series that will run from May up until the start of the Euros in June.

Portugal have participated in seven UEFA Euro tournaments, making their debut in 1984. The series will be split into seven episodes, with each one documenting that particular Euros. Each episode will be hosted by Aaron Barton and Filipe Melo, as well as special guests throughout.

This is a chance for those supporters that remember the tournament to relive it and also for newer Seleção fans to relive the highs, the lows and the spectacular that is Portugal at the European Championships.

Stay tuned.

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