“No Longer Part of The Squad” Tarantini Leaves Rio Ave After 13 Years

Club captain Tarantini has left Rio Ave after 13 years at the club.

“This was not the expected outcome or one that I ever imagined”

In an announcement on his social media page, Tarantini confirmed that his departure from the club was due to being told by the club’s president that he was not considered an option for the squad for the upcoming season.

Rio Ave were relegated via the playoff system at the end of last season, losing 5-0 on aggregate v Arouca. These two matches were Tarantini’s last for the club.

File:Tarantini Rio Ave.png - Wikimedia Commons

Tarantini statement

“One of the saddest moments in the history of Rio Ave and my career was shared with many fans at the end of the last game, and it will forever be engraved in my heart for the support and affection they showed me. After the end of last season, I had a feeling of great desire to continue helping Rio Ave in our journey back to the place where we deserve to compete.

However, the 37 days of silence that followed spoke volumes, and after seven days of the start of pre-season, he President of Rio Ave Futebol Clube informed me of the decision, that I was not to be part of the choices for the squad. Unfortunately, this was not the expected outcome and what I ever imagined.

The incredible memories of joy that we all celebrate together remain, in the Portuguese League, the Europa League, the Portuguese Cup, the League Cup and the Super Cup. There were 444 games of hard work, 39 goals, love and achievements, which coincided with the highest moments in the history of Rio Ave.

I would like to thank RIOAVISTAS and all those who have taken this path with me and who have always supported me.”

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